testimonial image - Rezia Begum

Rezia Begum

Procurement Trainee

I started at the company as a Contracts Support Service Officer Apprentice, where I received ongoing training such as customer service, software skills and learning about the structure of the business.

CPC has provided me with fire training, presentation skills, work shadowing, the basics of contract law and webinar software. During my apprenticeship I had to balance both my job and my NVQ, so keeping up with my revision as well as my day to day activities at work was challenging but also helped me to manage my time. I was able to complete my NVQ six months earlier than expected as I had support from my colleagues who have set me different work-related tasks that were related to my studies. This helped contribute towards my qualification as I could use these as evidence.

When I first joined CPC I needed support and guidance for my day to day tasks such as member queries. However, over the past year I was able to apply my knowledge and skills proactively which helped my confidence in dealing with any matters or problems with little to no support. With the amount of skills and experience I have now, I am now looking to take on a CIPS qualification and move on to a procurement role within CPC. I have learnt the basics on procurement which includes reviewing tender documentations, speaking with suppliers at meetings and shadowing my colleagues to understand how the process works and how to effectively create a framework.

What I enjoy about working with CPC the most is that they are supportive and are like a small family who support and guide each other. CPC is flexible and they help me develop both professionally as well as personally as I know my colleagues are always there to support when I need any help.