article image - £10,225 awarded to The Jubilee Academy

£10,225 awarded to The Jubilee Academy

The academy was awarded funding for additional specialised support for their students through the academy’s “Reach for the Stars” project.

CPL Group provided funding for The Jubilee Academy’s “Reach for the Stars” project which provides a tailored programme of activities to support and encourage students with self-confidence issues, low self-esteem and exam stress.

Louise Ashcroft, a Regional Procurement Advisor at Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and part of CPL Group recently presented The Jubilee Academy, (part of The Harrow Alternative Provision Academy Trust) with a cheque for £10,225. 

Sukhi Cooper, School Business Manager and Data and Exams Manager said:

Many of our students are from hard to reach families, vulnerable/ disadvantaged backgrounds who have a range of social, emotional and mental health issues added with behavioural issues that as a result make it difficult for them to cope with the pressure of exams. Many believe they are not ‘good enough’.

The Academy believes that the outstanding teaching and learning that is delivered on a daily basis at the school is significantly addressing the huge gaps in learning. However, more needs to be done in the form of additional specialised support for students to overcome their battles with self-confidence, low self-esteem and exam stress.

The Harrow Alternative Provision Academy Trust are delighted to have secured funding from Crescent Purchasing Limited to deliver a tailored programme of activities, planned in partnership with a local Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service and the school’s pastoral team to provide targeted exam support for our students. We believe with this additional support our students will ‘reach for the stars’.

Peter Brewer, Managing Director at CPL Group said: 

We are delighted to make this award to The Jubilee Academy that allows them to offer additional specialised support for their students. This a very deserving and worthwhile project. We are looking forward to making many more funding awards to support similarly important projects to other educational organisations in the near future.


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