You have JavaScript Disabled

What this Means:

Whilst JavaScript is disabled, you won't be able to access all of the functionality of the CPL Group Website. While most content will load fine, there are some pieces of functionality that rely on JavaScript to function.

These include:

  • Submitting Contact Forms - this relies upon connecting to the Google Captcha Servers
  • Single page routing - This helps save bandwidth as less data is loaded when switching pages
  • Navbar - Viewing the dropdown menus in the navbar rely on Javascript, this may hinder ease of access to certain pages


By disabling javascript, all trackers are disabled. We currently use Google Analytics to track user passage throughout the site. This provides us with valuable information about what pages on this site are popular, while not being intrusive to your user experience.

Re-enabling Javascript will activate these services, unless you have an adBlocker which blocks them by default.