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Choose a more charitable career with the CPL Group

A career with the CPL Group offers rewarding work that helps our next generation, with charity embedded in the company’s structure, ethos and identity.

As well as providing a professional, supportive environment where talent is empowered to flourish and foster their skills, a career with the CPL Group offers rewarding work that helps our next generation, with charity embedded in the company’s structure, ethos and identity.

The CPL Group is owned by the education sector and we have an overarching purpose of helping the sector enhance teaching and learning, redistributing excess profits to achieve new goals.

This pot is not accrued through traditional fundraising, but through our everyday work, with the Group’s status as a registered charity enabling us to make a tangible difference to many young people’s lives across the UK - all without a single penny in donations being sought.

It’s all part of what we do and the two-fold way in which engaging the CPL Group and its wealth of procurement services can benefit schools, academies, colleges and universities.

The CPL Group’s flagship ‘Giving Back’ scheme began in 2019 and, since then, more than £1.1 million has been designated for reinvestment in the form of various projects, with the largest amount being used specifically for awarding non-refundable grants to our members.

To date, some £547,000 in grants has been ‘given back’ to no fewer than 101 institutions, a list comprised of colleges, schools, academies and universities around the British Isles.  

From supplying students with high-tech equipment to facilitating practical projects, this charitable reinvestment in education has served to empower, improve and inspire.

When an institution actions the CPL Group by way of its subsidiaries CPC and Tenet, it is not only putting its procurement tasks in safe, proficient hands, it is helping increase the funding reserves available to our ‘Giving Back’ initiative, in support of the wider UK education sector.

Every splash we make in completing procurement projects therefore has ripples far beyond the specific procurement itself; each spend holding the potential of a sizeable lasting impact.

The Group’s December 2022 staff conference was dubbed ‘Giving Back to the Future’, an encapsulation of how the Group’s charity arm actively contributes to young people’s lives.

Former Olympic medallist and TV presenter Kriss Akabusi served as the event’s effervescent guest speaker and outlined the scheme’s merit and value to the Manchester Evening News:

"The work of the charity is far-reaching and has clearly touched the lives of so many students, who might not have benefited otherwise”, the hurdling hero asserted.

“The broad spectrum of initiatives demonstrates the impact this funding is having.

“I am looking forward to seeing what the next funding window of opportunities brings”.

Now a pillar of our organisation, ‘Giving Back’ was only launched in 2019, yet it has already allowed our diverse team of dedicated employees to see their charitable values come to life.

The conference at Manchester’s Kimpton Clocktower Hotel saw video greetings from a host of students and staff who have benefitted from ‘Giving Back’ to date, while emerging talent from the area were among the day’s invited guests, allowing them to meet Kriss in person and to take inspiration from his tales of triumph in the face of life’s adversity.

From the starting blocks of a testing childhood, Kriss was aided on his journey by the kindness, belief and support of empathetic individuals he encountered along the way.

While few of us will ever compete at an Olympic level, this charitable mindset that helped Kriss to success in sport and in life can invigorate our aspiring athletes, thinkers and creators.

At the CPL Group, our everyday function is to solve procurement problems of the present, but our greater purpose is to help make our young people’s futures that little bit brighter.

Benefitting a sector that essentially helps us all, ‘Giving Back’ is about giving them better.

And, before we hand the baton to these budding stars and fertile minds, we’ll know our efforts today have helped make a difference to their educational experience tomorrow.

Do you share the kind of charitable values the CPL Group uphold and promote? If you’re interested in joining a winning team, visit our Careers page and put those values to work.


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