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New Executive Admin Support for CPL Learning

We were delighted to recently welcome Becky Tate as Executive Admin Support, with one of her key responsibilities to assist CPL Learning.

We were delighted to recently welcome Becky Tate to the Group as Executive Admin Support, with one of her central responsibilities to provide assistance to CPL Learning.

Bringing extensive skills and knowledge within senior administration and a passion for aiding others in improving their skills and experience, Becky will be the new main point of contact at CPL Learning moving into 2023, working to help with your specific procurement learning and development needs. 

CPL Learning can provide members with free funded training courses, resources, templates, research and guidance, while aspiring to promote the importance of procurement within the education sector and helping members to save time and money, as well as complying with procurement regulations.

With goals of offering flexible training delivery methods to suit members’ specific learning needs and requirements and giving members the best practice procurement skills and knowledge in the sector, CPL Learning also aims to minimise any risks for members when procuring services and to promote procurement as a career, while helping the CPL Group advance education and research in the field.

Furthermore, CPL Learning facilitates procurement and facilities management networking groups across the country (currently three times a year), enabling members to collaborate with other professionals, share knowledge and best practice, as well as promoting member engagement.

With Becky Tate’s arrival placing renewed focus on CPL Learning, its offerings and objectives, we encourage institutions looking to advance their procurement education during 2023 to get in touch and utilise the free courses, resources, templates, research and guidance at their disposal.

CPL Learning can help eligible members access fully funded online training and webinars covering…

  • Introduction to Procurement
  • Good Procurement Practice
  • Contract Management Advanced
  • Construction Contracts Overview
  • Making a Framework Work
  • Framework Delivery
  • FE College Insurance and Risk Profile
  • Legal Principles of Contract Law
  • Selection and Award Criteria
  • Writing a Tender Specification
  • Developing and Managing Contracts

In addition, CPL Learning can provide regular updates and training on the new, all-important Procurement Bill, the Public Contracts Regulations (2015), plus access to the Further Education Library of Procurement (FELP), which includes information about key procurement processes, why they are important and how to carry them out, while giving examples of procurement good practice.

For more information on CPL Learning or to establish your training needs, visit or email and Becky will be ready to help book you onto new courses, as required.



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