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Developing and Managing Contracts

Developing the contract allows both parties to fully understand their obligations and key success criteria as part of the agreement.

Course overview

This e-Learning training course is provided by CIPS, focusing upon developing and managing contracts to ensure both parties fully understand their obligations and key success criteria as part of the agreement, forming the foundation to manage the contract and relationship effectively

Who would benefit from attending?

Anyone who has responsibility for procurement and contract management within any educational institution will benefit from this course.

Core development objectives

There are 15 e-learning modules available in relation to developing and managing contracts.

  • Contract terms

    In this module you will consider legal terms that are implied into contracts, as distinct from those expressly stated within contracts. In particular, you will examine and understand those terms that legislation implies directly into contracts.

  • Contracts with external organisations

    This module examines formal contracts with external organisations and the types of contractual terms and pricing arrangements that can be incorporated.

  • Developing a standard purchase order for goods or services

    This module examines the elements required in order to complete a purchase order for goods and services.

  • Formation of contracts

    This module looks at the fundamentals of contracting and the effect of EU legislation on contracts.

  • Fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators

    This module considers the use of specifications when procuring products and services and how key performance indicators can be used to define and manage contractual performance.

  • Implications of contractual non-performance

    This module examines the legal consequences of failure to perform contracts.

  • Interpreting data relating to the workflow involved in procurement and supply

    This module examines the use and interpretation of data from procurement and supply including financial budgets to calculate future demand and the effect this can have upon the pricing of goods and services.

  • Legal issues relating to the formation of contracts

    This module introduces you to the key legal issues, documentation and types of contractual agreements relating to the supply of goods and services.

  • Performance improvement

    This module considers the main aspects of performance improvement for strategic sourcing or category management processes. It considers mobilisation, transition, contract management, supplier relationship management and exit arrangements.

  • The main approaches in negotiating commercial agreements with external organisations

    This module considers the application of commercial negotiations and the main approaches in the negotiation of agreements with external organisations. It also provides an introduction into the importance of power and the relationship spectrum in commercial negotiations.

  • The main components of contractual agreements

    This module introduces you to the main components of contractual agreements, including how they are constructed and the different documents that constitute a contract.

  • The main performance measure of the supply chain

    This module considers the main performance measures of the supply chain, in particular focusing on financial measures, stakeholder metrics and benchmarking.

  • The procurement process

    This module introduces you to organisational issues that shape the structure and scope of the procurement or supply chain function.

  • Understand the legal aspects relating to the performance of contracts

    This module considers the legal aspects of contracts, including formation, recourse for non-performance and conflict resolution.

  • Understand the main approaches to achieve the management of contracts

    This module introduces you to the main approaches to contract management including roles and responsibilities, contract implementation and risk management.


Course length

The course can be completed at your own pace within 4 weeks. The course can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and are compatible on all mobile devices. The e-learning platform is intuitive and engaging with built in assessment checks to monitor comprehension. 

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