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Ethical Procurement & Supply

Ethics is everyone’s responsibility throughout an organisation. This e-learning course will help anyone to demonstrate commitment to acting ethically.

Course overview

This e-Learning training course is provided by CIPS to help anyone in procurement consolidate your knowledge and demonstrate commitment to addressing the issue of ethics in procurement.  The course enables individuals to hone their skills and knowledge, and ultimately to demonstrate their commitment to ethical procurement and sustainable supply chains.

Who would benefit from attending?

The course is developed for all levels of procurement professionals.

Core development objectives

Ethical behaviour is everyone’s responsibility. The course is designed to help procurement and supply chain professionals demonstrate their absolute commitment to, and understanding of, acting ethically on behalf of their institution.

The e-learning is designed to help prevent issues regarding:

  • fraud
  • bribery and corruption
  • human rights abuses
  • the impact of procurement on the environment.
  • The CIPS e-learning platform supports learning at an individual’s own pace and at a time to suit working patterns. Courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and are compatible on all mobile devices. The e-learning platform is intuitive and engaging with built in assessment checks to monitor comprehension.

Watch this short film which highlights some key facts about how ethics affects procurement and supply.

Course length

Provides over two hours of e-learning resources. It involves three assessments which together carries a pass mark of 70%. If you do not achieve this, you will then be directed to one or more short pieces of eLearning which must be completed before you can retake the assessment.

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