FE Facilities Management Network (FEFM)

FEFM and CPL Group share a mutual passion of enhancing teaching and learning. Recognising the need to enable collaboration and communication between facilities management professionals in the further education sector, FEFM is being established with the support of CPL Group.


To assist the FEFM to deliver best in class learning environments, Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), part of the CPL Group has a wide range of FM related purchasing agreements which are free to access. Additional support is provided by CPL Group in the form of administrative support to the regional Chair(s) to assist in the organisation of each termly meeting.

CPL Group has a charitable objective to advance education. CPL Group’s new 5-year strategic plan includes an initiative to support the formation of a network of Facilities Management professionals from the FE sector. The aspiration is to advance participants education with the sharing of good practice across all facilities management disciplines via online chats and during regional discussions at termly meetings. Where beneficial, guest speakers will also be invited to participate.

The FEFM hopes to build on the existing flourishing FM networks already in place in the Yorkshire & Humberside and North-West regions, by creating similar networks in other regions, with a longer-term aspiration of forming a national council and Further Education Facilities Management specific events.

An engaging network needs engaged members. The financial pressures that we are all currently facing makes the present an excellent time to engage with your regional FEFM. We are currently seeking interested parties for the role of Chair and Deputy Chair in the regions of London and South-East, and the South-West. Should you be either interested in attending or willing to be considered for the roles of chair and deputy chair at a FEFMN network in your region, please get in touch. Minutes from previous meetings held by Yorkshire & Humberside and North-West networks are available here.

Please register your interest by contacting the CPL Group team on training@cpl.group.

Active Regional Networks

North West

Brian Sheard

Brian Sheard


The City of Liverpool College

Yorkshire & Humberside

Ian Durham

Interim Co-chair

Shipley College

Jon Howard

Interim Co-chair

Wakefield College

New networks coming soon

  • London & South East
  • South West

The aspiration is to support additional networks for FM professionals in the following regions:

  • Midlands
  • Wales
  • North East
  • Eastern Counties
More information regarding these regions will become available in due course.

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