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Funding for student events, activities and learning resources

The latest round of CPL Group grant funding is closed.

The funding window is now closed

Thank you to all CPC members who have applied for funding from CPL Group to sponsors student events, activities and learning resources.  The volume and quality of applications far exceeded our expectations!  The evaluation panel have now met, and we are pleased to announce that the great majority of requests will be fully or part funded - we would have loved to fully fund all requests but unfortunately this was not possible in this current funding round.

All applicants will be contacted this week (w/c 26 July 2021) and the paperwork and payments arranged over the next couple of weeks.

Please remember, we are a charity who reinvests all excess profits back into the education sector.  The more you use our procurement services, the more we can invest in future funding exercises.  Thank you again for your continued support.

We are inviting applications for sponsorship of student events, activities and learning resources from educational organisations.

You can apply for one of the following funding categories:

Funding category Funding threshold per application (excl. VAT)
Student award(s) sponsorship £500
External speakers £500
Educational events / activities programmes £5,000
Educational visits, incl. supervisory staff £5,000
Teaching materials £5,000
Innovative teaching and learning resources £20,000
Multiple categories will not be considered. Each category is fixed and the funding threshold cannot be exceeded.

A suitable project could be:

  • Student award sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of sporting events or funding to promote healthier lifestyles
  • Funding to deliver a music programme
  • Funding towards student mental health and wellbeing projects
  • Funding towards Duke of Edinburgh or other similar schemes
  • Funding for foreign exchange trips
  • Funding for educational environmental projects
  • Funding towards innovative IT and engineering equipment

Non-qualifying projects include:

  • Projects which the organisation already has a statutory duty to undertake
  • Any political, lobbying, pressure or campaigning activities
  • Funding of vacancies or existing roles
  • Funding of staff overseas trips, excluding learner educational trips
  • Funding for capital build/refurbishment projects
  • Applications for a deposit for lease agreements

You can also check out our funding stories page to learn more about the types of projects we sponsor.

How to apply

Check to see if your proposal meets our qualifying criteria:


Qualifying Criteria Weighting
1. Achieved a minimum of a full year's membership with CPC.

Your organisation must have joined CPC before 1st May 2020. Search for your organisation’s membership details here.

2. Used at least one CPC framework before 30 April 2021 and the framework supplier/s must have reported your spend to CPC between 1 May 2020 and 30 April 2021. Pass/Fail
3. Must be able to clearly demonstrate how the funding would achieve a minimum of one of the following evaluation criteria:

CPL Group has ranked and weighted this criteria in order of importance for members to consider when making their application.  Applications that meet all three evaluation criteria will be considered first.

A. An improvement to teaching and learning within the organisation. 50%
B. A positive impact on the learner’s experience of education. 30%
C. How the funding is supporting the learning of economically disadvantaged learners and minority groups. 20%

The qualifying criteria is important but don't worry if you don't meet it this time, we are looking to provide more funding opportunities during autumn 2021.

Application information

You can offer to part-fund the project, this is not mandatory. However, if the level of applications exceeds the available funding, applications will be considered using the weighting outlined above and part funding only may be offered. 

Organisations are only permitted to submit one application. If your school or academy is part of a Trust, the Trust needs to apply on your behalf.

We'd like as many organisations to benefit as possible so if your organisation received funding in 2019, you will need to wait until subsequent funding rounds in Autumn 2021 until you can apply again.

Please complete the application form in full as part-completed applications will not be accepted.

We are accepting applications up until 5pm on Friday 16 July 2021. The Evaluation Panel will meet after this date to evaluate submissions and successful candidates will receive notification shortly after. Funding will be paid once the T&Cs are signed.

CPL Group reserves the rights to request evidence of project outcomes and/or visit your organisation to follow the allocation of funds.

A series of frequently asked application questions is available here.

You will need the following details to apply:

  • Details of your organisation
  • The start and end date of your project
  • State if you are applying for full or part-funding
  • Provide a description of the project you wish to apply for sponsorship
  • Demonstrate how your project meets the evaluation criteria (3.A, 3.B, 3.C in the table above)

Please read through these Terms and Conditions as you will be required to sign them should your application be successful.

Applications are now closed


Should you require any further information, please contact Ann Denton on 0161 974 0953 or email

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