About Crescent Learning

Crescent Learning, a learning and development platform for procurement professionals that is fully funded by our charity CPL Group.

Our charity objective is to provide procurement training and resources to enable the advancement of Education and Research.

Crescent Learning recognise the importance of Continued Professional Development within Procurement and working together with our Group companies CPCTenet Education Services and Training Partners Whitepaper ConferencesBiP Solutions and CIPS we are able to offer a fully funded platform for you to access free training services.

Crescent Learning provides training and various resources to help institutions learn about how procurement works and how it can benefit them. . You have the opportunity to attend a variety of free CPD accredited procurement training courses and watch free online training videos. Crescent Learning is designed to enhance both your personal and professional development.

It’s second nature to us to want to bring together resources and share them with like-minded others – after all, that’s what a consortium is all about.

Crescent Learning

CPC are always looking for ways to support the education purchasing community and this time it was by helping to produce and develop the next generation of procurement professionals for our sector.

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