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About CPC

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) is a not-for-profit purchasing consortium, owned and run by the education sector. CPC produce EU-tendered purchasing frameworks and provide their members with specialist advice on spending practices and value for money.


CPC was created in 1999 as an arm of the purchasing team at The University of Salford. The consortium was developed to fill a gap in the provision of reliable and best-value frameworks for the FE sector. Their services proved to be so useful that the FE sector bought the company in 2009, at which point the CPC achieved charitable status.


CPC have over 60 agreements that provide value for money including:

  • Catering & cleaning
  • Minor works
  • Staffing
  • ICT & MFDs
  • Utilities


CPC offer their membership services for free to any education institution including colleges, schools, academies, multi-academy trusts and universities. CPC are funded through their supplier agreements whereby the suppliers on a framework will give a small percentage of any revenue they earn through the framework back to CPC as a fee. CPC framework suppliers benefit from this arrangement as they can access over 6500 CPC member institutions that use the frameworks.

Crescent Purchasing Consortium

CPC harness the collective spending power of their members to drive down costs from suppliers, meaning that CPC can deliver savings that couldn't be obtained through tenders done by individual institutions.

Learn more about Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

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